Original cartoons that connect with your audience.

Need new content for your newsletter, blog or social profile?

As a professional cartoonist for hire, I help brands enhance their messaging through custom single-panel cartoons. My work has appeared in publications such as Air Mail and Reader’s Digest, and I’ve created custom cartoons for brands and small businesses across multiple fields and industries. Cartoons are a great tool to help you entertain, engage, and expand your audience.


Why should you consider using cartoons?

Cartoons are sharable –  You’ll be able to expand the reach of your message across multiple platforms.

Cartoons are engaging – Your audience will be more likely to open your email if it is accompanied by a cartoon.

Cartoons are versatile – Cartoons can be recycled and repurposed for each marketing channel you use.

Cartoons are human – Cartoons provide relatable content to your audience while showing your brand’s sense of humor. 

Who do I work with?

Blogs & Personal Brands

Small Businesses


Digital Marketing Agencies


Where can cartoons be used?

Internal & External Newsletters

Blog Posts & Websites

Social Media Accounts

Marketing/Ad Campaigns

Promotional Materials


Pricing is based on your business or brand type, and then adjusted for factors such as the artwork’s usage, transfer of rights, estimated exposure, artwork complexity etc…

This makes it affordable for a blog simply looking for new content, and flexible for a larger company concerned with copyright and usage.

Discounts are offered on multiple cartoon orders or long-term projects.


We’ll first discuss the overall scope for your project.

We’ll cover deadlines, what the cartoons will be about, whether captions will be provided, where the cartoons will be shared etc…

Basically, we hammer out all the details so that I can get you exactly what you need and when you need it.

After the scope is determined, I’ll provide ideas and sketches of potential cartoons and we’ll discuss which idea(s) will work best.

Once the best idea(s) are narrowed down, I’ll begin producing the final artwork.

This process can be as collaborative or as hands-off as you like. I’m flexible!

When the artwork is finished, I’ll provide you with a finalized file(s) optimized for its intended use.

If anything needs to be edited, I offer one complimentary revision per cartoon…

Finally, you’ll be able to share the cartoon with your audience in the agreed upon mediums.

Let’s work together.

Fill out the form at the link for a free quote or you can reach out to me with any questions at dan@danmisdea.com.


Hi, I’m Dan Misdea, a cartoonist for hire based in New Jersey.

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Economics, I spent over six years working in accounting and finance.

Having always aspired to be a cartoonist, I started writing and drawing in my spare time before and after work.

From there, I went on to create the comic Bold Coarse Blend publish the graphic novel The Book of Joeand have my cartoons featured in multiple publications. 

For inquiries, please email me at dan@danmisdea.com.

Dan Misdea